11 augustus 2014



I'm feeling like a proper cheerleader in this outfit. Saw this cute crop top at Primark the other day. Knew I would combine it with jeans and sneakers to create an easy outfit. But maybe next time I should wear heels. When I wear a crop top and high waisted jeans combined sneakers I look really tiny. 

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4 augustus 2014


1. Selfieee while visiting my grandma 2. My delicious dessert yesterday 3. Pool times, loving summer!
4. Sale score, bikini from last season at H&M 5. Playing with my cat, you can tell she really likes it ;)
6. Me & my mom a long time ago, miss her like crazy

28 juli 2014


I guess you can say I'm a real shoe addict. In my closet you will find a lot of different shoes. From sneakers to boots, sandals to killer heels. I just can't seem to get enough of buying shoes. Many times I've heard I have enough shoes and have to stop buying them. But I think that what they say is true, a girl can never have too many shoes, never! So when I saw these nude beauties I had to take them home with me. Besides, I was really missing a pair of nude pumps anyway. I think I couldn't find a more perfect pair then this. Agree?

25 juli 2014



In between seasons, there's a lot of sale in stores. When I was going through the Zara sale I found this baggy sweater dress. Perfect for days like these. It's not sunny, but not cold either. Combined them with my Zara sandals to make this outfit a bit more feminine. Will show you some of my other sale buys soon! Have a nice weekend.

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22 juli 2014


As much as I don't want to think about it yet, Autumn is eventually going to arrive. The Autumn collections are coming in so it's time to think ahead. I ordered these items at H&M and I can totally imagine wearing these cool marble print boots when it gets a little bit colder. But for now, I'm going to put on my bikini and enjoy the summer! 

19 juli 2014


Good morning! This week my vacation finally started. Thank god the weather is perfect too. Summer is finally here. Time to get my swimwear out and go swimming. Well swimming, usually I only stick my toes in the water and hope there are no splashing children around. But today it's going to be really hot so I might dare to take a dive. 
Now about these pictures. They were made in a hotel room of an amzing hotel. My friend Sabre wanted to make these pictures for a school assignment (after this I'm not talking about school for at least a month). It was a fashion assignment and we had to focus on a white garment. I wanted to show you these because I think they turned out pretty cool. I'm wearing a sheer blouse I bought at H&M and a floral Hunkemöller bikini underneath. 

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