Found the perfect vintage Nike sweater online. When I received it I found out is perfectly matched these Puma sneakers. In my mind I matched them with some black sneakers but couldn't resist this matchy outfit.



It's been a while since I posted an outfit. This is not the most exciting outfit but a perfect one for the weekend. I wore this yesterday when I went to a vintage sale with a friend. I bought a vintage skirt and blouse. On friday I went to the city and had the amazing idea to get my nose pierced. Had thought about it a while longer but decided to finally do it. I swear I never felt so much pain, ever. If I knew it was going to hurt that much, I probably wouldn't do it. You can't see it on these pictures but I'm wearing a nose stud at the moment. In about 6 weeks I can switch it to a nose ring. Check my instagram for a better picture of the piercing (click here). Now I'm going to eat some sushi and enjoy the last hours of my weekend.


Today's post is about my current lipstick obsession. I love the greyish taupe color. I saw this lipstick a couple of weeks ago but couldn't buy it because it was constantly sold out. I signed up for a notification, the store would send me an e-mail when it was back in stock. So two weeks ago I was laying in bed when I got the e-mail it was available and I immediately got up to start up my computer and purchase it. I hate getting up in the morning but I'm glad I did. The struggle a girl has to go through to get her lipstick.. It's a MAC cosmetics lipstick and the color I'm wearing is called 'Stone'.


Lately I've been obsessing over matching pieces. A thing that's on my wishlist is a suit like one of these. Not only a great thing to wear to work but also for a night out. All these suits are available at


My weekend in snapshots. A more personal post this time. Together with my friends I spent this weekend in Utrecht. One of my friends just moved there so it was time to visit her. It's an hour drive from where I live so it all started with a little roadtrip. A drive with my friends consist of a lot of gossiping, singing/screaming and panicking because we made a wrong turn somewhere. When we arrived we went to the city to shop and eat sushi. After eating way too much we went back to my friend's house and listened to some music (again some singing) and prepare for a night out. We headed back to the city and had some drinks. Then it was time for a slumber party. We talked and talked until we fell asleep. When we woke up we had a very healthy breakfast, cookies and chips. We went to the city again, and did the same as we did the day before, shopping and eating. We went to a cute little restaurant where they served little dishes, yum & fun! After that we packed our bags and went home. Can't imagine a more girly weekend than this. On to the next!