20 januari 2015



I can't remember the last time I did a outfit post, shame on me! I was very busy with my internship, I left my home in the dark and when I came home it was dark too. Bad conditions if you want to shoot some outfit pictures. But since I'm done with my internship, I have a little more time. So you can expect more posts again! Today I'm wearing a sweater I bought last year. An oldie, but still one of my favorites. It's warm and comfy, so perfect for cold weather. I combined it with simple jeans, booties and a matching orange beanie. 

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10 januari 2015


For months I've been looking for the perfect boots. Soon I realized I really liked Dr. Martens boots. I was looking for black ones, but when I saw these metallic gray ones, I liked them more than the version. They're the 14 eyed boots, a bit taller than the short ones. When you buy Dr. Martens you need to keep in mind that you really need to walk in them a little while to get your feet to fit them. I underestimated this. The first time I wore them, it was hell. I hope I can walk in them properly now. Will make some outfit pictures with them soon. So stay tuuuuned!

29 december 2014


Hi guys! How was your christmas? I had a lovely time and ate way too much. But I guess that is what we all do at christmas. I also got some nice presents, and I got my cats a present too. They loved their new winter scarfs, just kidding, they hated it. So the only five minutes they were wearing them I quickly took some shots. I think it looks really cute. Next year I will get them some extra food. I posted these pictures on instagram, you can follow me @styledescription!

3 december 2014


For the last few years my make-up had always been the same. Winged eye liner and lots of mascara, on special occasions (maybe twice a year) a colored lip. But lately I've been looking at a lot of make-up tutorials and I've been developing an interest for beauty products. The reason why I don't wear lipstick much is because I think my lips are too thin. I didn't want to draw attention to my lips. But one of the latest beauty trends involves big lips. I bought myself a lip pencil and started to thicken my lips, I really like te result. To color my lips I used this MAC lipstick. I got this for my birthday and I love the color. It's called 'crème in your coffee' and now my lips look like this I think I will be wearing it a lot.

17 november 2014



I wanted to show you my new coat, in this colour, you can not miss it. On my birthday I went to the city with my dad. When we were at Primark I saw this coat. I loved the fit and colour, so my father gave it to me as an extra birthday present. That wasn't the only gift I got that day. I also got my third tattoo. I really love it and I will show it later!

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6 november 2014


I think you might have noticed, the ALEXANDER WANG X H&M collection launched today. I liked the whole collection, so I made a selection that was within my budget. And guess what, I managed to get all the items I wanted. Kind of a miracle since I couldn't get on the site for an hour. When I finally got something in my shoppingbag I was thrown of the site again. You feel my stress? I was determined to get my pieces, and with a little bit of help I got them! Did you get any items and which items do you like?