What do you do when Autumn is around the corner and when it's slowly getting colder and colder? You look at pictures from your vacation and wishing you were still at the pool working on your tan. That's what I did. I still had to show you my new Triangl bikini, which I love! As I looked at all the Triangl swimwear at their website I was overwhelmed by all the amazing bikinis. It was so hard to only pick one. I eventually chose this one. I love the silver bottom, and the typical Triangl top with neon accent. Now my tan is fading it's time to look at sweaters and other warm clothing. I'll be dreaming of my next vacation.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I fall a wonderful epoch the sun is not as strong but it's still there. I consider the stage of equilibrium. Beautiful photos.

  2. Here in Brazil we call these 3D bikinis. Are beautiful.